Choosing a Career in Elementary Education

If your minds made up and you’ve decided to pursue a career in teaching, particularly Elementary Education, you’ll need at the very least a bachelor’s degree and a license to teach depending on which state you would like to teach in. There are plenty of other steps and advice available to get you started in your career in Elementary School teaching and we can help.

Elementary school teachers can choose whether to teach in private schools, where salary can be considerably more, or in the public school sector. The elementary level covers grades 1-5, and most Elementary School teachers will teach a class of children, covering most if not all subjects. Choosing a career in teaching elementary school children, you can expect your duties to include planning lessons, giving classroom instruction, proper discipline, evaluations, grading tests and meeting with parents to discuss their child’s needs or performance.

Becoming an Elementary School Teacher

Education Requirements

The most common approach and your best choice is to complete a 4 year bachelor’s degree in education. This opens many more doors in regards to teaching than a regular certificate. Once you receive your bachelor’s degree, the next step would be to meet your state’s licensing requirements. All 50 states require a license to teach, however it is sometimes not mandatory for teaching in the private sector. Today many things have changed with regards to licensing in certain states – some states offer ways for people who hold a bachelor’s degree to become a licensed teacher.

Coursework Covered

To prepare you for a career as an Elementary School Teacher, common subjects are covered. This includes social science, art, mathematics, physical science, English literature, psychology and popular teaching methods to apply.

Required Skills

As an Elementary School teacher you will be required to effectively deal with and educate children. This means you must possess the necessary patience, empathy and social skills in order to teach them. Connecting with younger students is a vital part of teaching, and critical to their learning process. You must be able to handle both the academic and behavioural challenges you will no doubt be faced with.

Completing an Internship

Before getting licensed or a full teaching certificate, teachers must complete an internship. It’s during this period that you will gain the necessary real life experiences essential to a rewarding career in teaching elementary. An internship may be completed in your last year of studies, or possibly come afterward depending on your preference or how your chosen institution handles requirements.


Showing initiative and striving to learn all you can is the best possible advice to give. You may want to consider taking the time to volunteer or sit-in in classes. Mentoring is always a great way to learn. If you have the time early on in your studies to do so, it will certainly pay-off in the end.

Finding the Right College

Following the steps to ensure a smooth path to attaining an Elementary Education degree is nothing without knowing where it is you would like to attend. There are many colleges across America that provide you with the essentials and education you need in order to teach. However, if you still need to do some research in order to help you make an informed decision, you may want to visit many of the college search websites as well as contact schools directly.